Set your own limits

Extreme extents are nowhere,

Except till your limits are fair .

Bothering till late,

Leads to no fate,

Increase your goodness intensity,

Until  joys you feel are of high density,

I propounded my fear ofexperimentation,

It’s better to be one of a kind,

Was  every wellwisher’s suggestion.

Sorrows are past pages to wind,

Live purely till infinity,

And have success signature from almighty….

-Pooja gadhvi


My annual day

I and my best friend Bharti anchored our class’s annual function  on women empowerment.

Empowering women is need of the hour for our country to be developed rather than just on being stage of developing country..



The turban of saurashtra,

the pride of Gujarat,

the soul of kutch,

evergreen personality of democratic India,

eager for sustainable changes,

gave India it’s real ranges.

Nation always expects a lot from you,

you will do this,

your oppressors know this too.

you are the one,

who’s India’s bright sun.

May you win always and gain victory,

and make India’s hear satisfactory.




Neither human has made the world nor human has any right to destroy or abolish something from it’s roots ……apart from the narrow mindness and the orthodox beliefs due to which “FREEDOM” of many people is being harmed.Freedom of thought,freedom of expression,freedom of speech etc do not make mean a real freedom.These phrases of freedom are just a cayouse people make to prove themselves the best costitutors but from within the meaning of freedom means freedom which is only limited to them.

Mistakes happen but then it is only the mistakes which give human an experience about life ,that is what all evils are there in this world from which you need to protect yourselves and be aware of them.One must never ever snatch others freedom just because of the fear that what others would say….

Freedom doesn’t means to be free but…to be free to express yourselves when there seems no direction to improve things and lead as an example for everyone.

My Father…

Storm’s in life doesn’t stay forever,

they also become past someday,

Be on earth when tremendous joys enter your life,

Live as a leader,

that’s what my dad has taught me,

He’s a role model,

A silent worker,

sometimes jolly…

and Sometimes very strict,

He’s full of patience,

He’s a caring teacher,

and a truthful friend we can turn to,

when times are good or bad,

He’s one of our greatest blessings,

that gracious god gave to me,

He’s a determinant and admiring personality’

to whom I call “DAD”.     

  •          by-Pooja Gadhvibirthday30




Poem on”Girl Child”

Beard all the pains,

throughout the life,

got tortured now and then,

was unpraised for her every deed,

She never felt this pain,

as she was used to such wounds,

She cried from within,

but no one listened her as usual,

Her world was different,

glasses on the floor


fences on the wall everywhere,

stains of blood were only left,

when she was deprived,

her dead body was a gift,

for her cruel society.

everything was over…

But she woke up,

She rised,

She made a difference,

She was now everyone’s preferences,

She broke all fences,

she freed her selves,

She was no one else,


She was one who was always proved false,

She was “GIRL CHILD”

by Pooja Gadhvigirl child


Poem on Life

Life is……….

A well if we go deep,

A diamond if we shine,

A miracle if we have faith in it,

A joy if we enjoy it,

A curse if we fear ,

that’s what life is,

whose precious things ,

sometimes we miss,

Try to enjoy it,

and see the joy you meet.

-by Pooja gadhvi poja